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The Dutch Soccer School LA is a youth soccer training and development organization.

We offer a variety of soccer camps, private and group classes, and soccer camps throughout the entire year.

Coach Bastiaan focuses on developing soccer skills in children starting at age 2.5 - 8, all the way up to Middle and High School.

Coach Bastiaan also coaches Varsity at Milken Middle School. 

We are not a league. Instead, we are dedicated to enhancing player's coordination and athletic skills, as well as helping developing character.

We offer fun games and skill based exercises in a non-competative environment.

Inspired by a world renown
Dutch Soccer Tradition 'TOTAL FOOTBAL' set out by legendary footbal player Johan Cruyiff (RIP 2016) more currently perfected by THE DUTCH NATIONAL TEAM, FC BARCELONA and the Spanish national team.   The Royal Dutch Football Association

GRIFFITH PARK | Los Angeles 
310 748-7115

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